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Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2019
Growing up, I'd been a huge YA paranormal romance fan but after getting a bit older, a "hot and intense" romance between a barely legal teenager and centuries old adult got a little... distasteful, to put it lightly. So, I went on a hunt for an adult paranormal romance fiction series that I could get behind but yeezus, so many of them are literally just erotica with a "macho-alpha-male" lead who makes a turnabout after falling for the "fiery" female lead /but/ only after he makes himself completely unlikable aside from his good looks. Like dang, "hot and heavy" is fine and all but where's my plot? Where's my character development?

Rant aside, this series was honestly the light at the end of a tunnel.

We're first introduced to Anna in the "Alpha and Omega" novella. (It's not included in this series lineup oddly enough but I definitely recommend that you start with it first before carrying on to "Cry Wolf") She's a recently turned wolf-- forcibly changed and kept under the thumb of her Chicago pack. Anna's in a bad place but still manages to keep her head up through the horrors and finally makes the fateful call to the Marrok-- the leader of all the North American wolves-- to start the ball rolling. From there, we're introduced to Charles, the Marrok's son and enforcer. He's got centuries on his plate and recognizes Anna for who she is-- an Omega wolf and she calls to his wolf in a way that no one has before. (Ugh, such a cliche line but it's so fitting.)

It's instant attraction that quickly works its way to romance-- albeit not without difficulty as in observed in "Cry Wolf". As the series goes on, we see Charles and Anna work through their ups and downs. We watch as Anna gains more confidence and how Charles works to open himself to her. He respects and adores her and vice-versa. (Agh, I love their relationship because they're just so /good/ for each other.) We learn so much about them and there are so many moments that wring at the heartstrings, are terribly funny and sweet, and make us recoil in utter horror. ("Fair Game", enough said. It was fun to see our leads from another POV but man, it got really grim.)

If you're looking for a paranormal romance with multifaceted leads and plot with not over-the-top explicit sex, this is definitely the read for you.
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