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Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2019
After using a generic mop for many years, I switched to a swiffer wet jet. I finally understand the hype, it works a lot better at cleaning the floors. It came with a pack of disposable pads and well I quickly blew through those. After they were finished I started to buy ones at the dollar store because I decided that it didn’t matter. Well I was wrong. There’s actually a big difference.

Compared to the generic ones, these ones actually pick up dirt and dust. They also stick a lot better to the mop head. Just based on that I would say that they’re worth the extra money. Depending on where I’m cleaning I usually use a few sheets at a time. They just go in the trash afterwards so cleanup is minimal. A box comes with 24, which should be enough for several cleanups unless of course you live in a gigantic mansion that needs frequent mopping.

For big messes though (I’m talking about things like a cup of spilled coffee on the ground) I use something else. They’re called 
turbo pads  and they’re basically microfiber pads that you can use with the wetjet. What I like about them is that they’re practically a cloth. In other words, you can use them to absorb a lot of liquid—much more than the disposable sheets. They have to be washed though so there’s an extra step. I think it’s worth it though. Otherwise you’d have to use a bunch of disposable sheets, I feel like that would be a waste when you can just use something else.

From what Ive noticed, you can get these swiffer refills for a lot cheaper on Amazon compared to in stores. Definitely take advantage of Prime membership if you have it. Nothing beats two day free shipping in my eyes! You can also get a small discount if you choose to subscribe for regular purchases.
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