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Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2019
I have never felt compelled to write a book review but after reading a few specific lines, here I am.

First, I studied neuroscience as an undergrad and have had prior exposure to sleep research. I am only about halfway through the book, but so far I have found the book a little boring and basic. For example, Dr. Walker will present a graph that I can very easily interpret and get his point. However, he will spend 4-5 paragraphs explaining the nuances of the graph which seemed unnecessary to me.

I am also not a fan of this writing style, it is a bit dramatic, bordering on corney at times.

But the real reason I am here is due to a footnote in Part II. In discussing brain stimulation to induce sleep, Dr. Walker notes that this brain stimulation is nothing like Electro Convulsion Therapy (ECT) which is used to treat treatment resistant depression and other psychiatric disorder. Dr. Walker notes that the voltage in ECT is many times worse than for sleep induction and refers the reader to watch the ECT scene in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Dr. Walker, in a time where psychiatric illnesses are on the rise and mental health treatment remains stigmatized, this reference is not only irresponsible, but also actively harmful to your readers. ECT in modern psychiatry is nothing like what is portrayed in that movie, which is now over 40 years old! One only needs to google, "modern ECT" to see the difference! By putting this misconception in your reader's heads, you may turn off your readers to a potentially life saving treatment. Given the relationship between sleep and psychiatric illness, your book likely attracts more psychiatric patients than similar nonfiction on other topics. You, yourself, mention this relationship many, many times in this book.

Dr. Walker, I hope this review somehow makes it to you and that you consider removing this reference in future versions of the book. As a PhD, you should be ashamed, spitting on a treatment where your only knowledge of it apparently comes from a movie.
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