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Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2017
This book is not intended for professional programmers, and that's a very good thing for the rest of us. His primary motivation is to help readers understand how large amounts of data and information can be readily analyzed using Python. Another good point - he tells us that Python vocabulary is a rather small set of 'reserved words' with special meaning to Python. Unlike English, there is no ambiguity about what these words mean in Python.

Severance then describes how to start a conversation with Python - after first installing the Python software on your computer. Much/most of that information is offline, accessible through a link he provides. Continuing, >>> is Python's way of asking 'What do you want me to do next?' and the need for parentheses surround the description of what you want your computer to do. Python, like other programming languages, is very picky about syntax.

Then on to labeling/describing data to be used. Etc.

Overall, this book is a good overview for someone seriously interested in becoming a python programmer, not so good for someone just wanting to get a sense of what Python can do and how it would go about accomplishing such.
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