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Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2018
nice kit. I like the pad cleaners/conditioner that comes along. I use the black pad and V38 to remove some buffs/scuffs from the factory and kids rubbing up against my car in the garage. Required VERY little work time to remove and actually helped me remove the last remnants of some tree sap that I could NOT get off. I look forward to a more aggressive approach on my old truck, somewhat old car, somewhat newer SUV and of course maintaining shine on my new car. Id love to know how much 'material' is actually being removed using the black pad, v 38, light pressure over a 2' area sq after 45-60 seconds as that seems to be the sweet spot for me to take car of any fine swirls / scuff marks.

I'm giving it only 4 stars because the buffer itself has some issues with getting the handle screwed in. On the left side the screw inside the buffer is tilted like it was not installed correctly and on the right side the threads weren't prepared well for the handle. After some effort I got it to work but now I'm a bit afraid on the left side if I need to use that side for the handle that the buffer handle will break off causing the heavy buffer to fall onto my car so, I'm being extra careful to not hold it by the handle alone above the car.
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