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Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2019
This book has a lot of potential, I honestly gotta admit. It has a clear storyline, great characters, and great for kids who would love Roblox Adventures like these. But even though you managed to get all that in the bag, there are some flaws and suggestions I want to point out. One flaw is proofreading. Now, lots of authors like you struggle a LOT on this, and you pretty much nailed that. But i do see bits of mistakes from time to time. Another flaw is images. Some images match the story, but some seem to be just there for the heck of it. And sometime images are repeated. I don't know if that was intentional, or just a accident. And another flaw is the escape. The story is good and all again, but i felt like the escape was a little bit too easy, dont'cha think? I mean i get it. It could just because of you doing this for the first time, or your just trying to get it published as quick as possible. But maybe an obstacle, or even throwing in a twist could make this book a bit better. My last suggestion would just to make the story longer. This might sound like a repeat to the flaws i literally just mentioned, but the book itself only took me 7-10 minutes. Perhaps adding more detail, or whatever. Just try to make it longer anyway you can. Overall, good job!
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