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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2020
I had a hard time locating paper towels in the past 2-3 weeks due to the demand from Covid-19, I stumbled upon these and took a chance. First Amazon is amazing at first I was told it would take 2.5 weeks to arrive then it changed to 1 week and it was received within 4 days of ordering them. These are not the best most amazing paper towels you'll ever use but I don't think of them as paper towels. They are thinner and smaller than your average paper towel but durable. They don't rip easily, no lint, and the absorbency is good. I needed them to dry my hands after washing, help wipe down counters with bleach, clean up after the cats (they're messy eaters). and yes depending on the job you will need 2-3 sheets but then again that's the same issue with paper towels. Overall I'm happy with my purchase especially during these times where paper items are more valuable than gold.
Update 4/22/20 just wanted update that I'm still using these towels, and I will continue to buy them. My household contains 3 people with 2 kittens and my husband and daughter so through paper towels as if they're in a competition who can waste more. My husband for some reason cannot rip just 1-2 towels on a regular roll he pulls on the roll taking 3-4 towels just to dry his hands. With these Scott since they are individually separated he is taking just 1-2 now so is my daughter. We go through 1 pack of 250 in about 9-10 days not bad in this household.
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