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Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2017
The Lasko 42" Wind Curve (wih ionizer) is a very good fan and is powerful enough for 20 x 20 foot room. The tall height works well in a bedroom where one might need to feel the breeze a bit higher while laying on a high mattress. You can also adjust the top portion of the vent up or down for your needs. The remote is handy for just such an occasion as well. The Lasko was very quiet despite its powerful breeze. The base is sturdy and I have experienced no rattling.

I compared the Lasko fan to the Holmes 32" Oscillating Tower Fan and there was no comparison. The Holmes fan was too short to generate a breeze above my bed where I needed it. The power of the fan was also extremely weak in general--especially since it was being advertised as a whole house fan. Essentially, Holme's most powerful breeze was equivalent to the lowest setting on the Lasko. The interface was confusing. And there also was no remote. The Holmes base is sturdy and I experienced no rattling.

I also compared the Lasko to the Sunter 40" Tower Fan (2 Pack Combo with a 13" Personal Fan). While I preferred the look of the Lasko (the silver color made it more versatile for both dark and light color themes), the truth is, of all three, the Sunter was the most powerful--though maybe only a step above. The 40" height was still high enough to reach over the bed where I needed it. Its top portion of the vent is not adjustable up-and-down like the Lasko--but most fans don't have that feature. The Sunter was fairly quiet, but not as quiet as the Lasko. The remote appears chintzier than the Lasko's but it turns out Sunter's remote range is stronger than the Lasko's. The Sunter base is sturdy and I experienced no rattling. However, I did experience vibration and rattling with its bonus personal 13" fan that came with it.

Of all three fans, the Lasko was the easiest to assemble. I felt the Lasko was the most attractively versatile with its silver finish. Both the Lasko and Sunter have an easy interface to understand. Both were sturdy and did not rattle. The Lasko has the quietest breeze, with the Sunter a close quiet second. However, the Sunter offered the strongest breeze, with Lasko being a close second. Both were good for 20 x 20' rooms. The Lasko offers three speed settings; the Sunter offers four speed settings. Both offer timers. The Lasko offers an ionizer feature which is nice; however, the Sunter offers an interesting evening breeze feature. (The evening breeze feature tapers off the breeze to the next lowest level every half an hour as you drift off to sleep--VERY nice.)

Finally, [at the time of this review] the Lasko costs $56.52 on Amazon; while the Sunter costs $39.99 at Costco (or $44.32 on Amazon). The $16 higher price for the Lasko dramatically altered my star rating for the product down to a 4-star. And since the Sunter is fairly comparable (with a bonus fan) at a dramatically cheaper price, I am posting a 5-star for the Sunter as a best-buy.
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