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Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2016
I liked this book a lot. It did remind me heavily of Brad Taylor's Taskforce/Pike Logan series of books, along with Scott McEwen's Sniper Elite in that Kelso Jarvis and Bob Pope could be the same person.
There was lots of action. Extremely well written. Which reminds me of Steven Konkoly.
If you like Brad Thor, Brad Taylor, Dalton Fury, Scott McEwen, Mark Greater or Mitch Rapp, then this book is for you. The other reviews talk about plot, which is just as important but unless a book can keep the story going and entertain me at the same time, I don't bother reading it. A lot of authors add so much fluff to a story trying to set it up and the book plods down deep into an endless description of surveillance and nothing happens for pages and pages. This is a complaint I have on Brad Taylor's books. Thankfully though that is absent here. This book runs flat out on action or intrigue. No fluff or ennui here that distracts you. No lengthy description of some stupid wine the characters are drinking either (Yes Brad Thor, that is you).
There is the usual descriptions of weapons, which as a gun guy I appreciate. The action scenes are well described. None of that stopping the story mid-gunfight to have a navel gazing moment of exostentialism and delve deep into our hero's wounded psyché about what it takes to be a warrior and the errors he's made (Yes Dalton Fury that was directed for you).
The banter is on point too which is always good to read. A hallmark of Scott McEwen's/John Sandford style writing I love.
This book also loves acronyms, bit if you have read any of the authors I've mentioned, then these acronyms are nothing to you and you easily translate them in your head without pause.
I recommend this book highly and look forward to the next story.
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