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Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2019
This ebook isn't even formatted for kindle. It's just scans of the pages of the physical textbook. If I have my kindle vertical the text is too small to read (or, I can read it, but I'd die of eye strain by the end of the term if I did), if I have it horizontal I have to scroll to get to the bottom of each page and the text is still really small. You can zoom in with a pinching motion, but that means having to scroll around more and having to zoom in again with each page turn (no, it can't even maintain the same level of being zoomed in between pages). Yes, there's the kindle app on my laptop, but I take notes on my laptop, so that would mean lots of switching between tabs.

Most likely what I'll do to get through this term is borrow the TV from downstairs and use it as a second monitor in order to simultaneously look at the book and my notes. If your computer setup already involves two monitors this might not be such an annoyance to you (or if you take notes on paper I guess, or if you don't take notes at all). But I don't really have space on my small desk in my cramped room for that extra huge piece of clutter. This is ridiculous and I shouldn't have to do this in order to use an ebook I paid for.

With the cost of textbooks these days, you'd think they could afford to invest in a decently- formatted ebook edition, right? And why the heck is Amazon selling an ebook product that isn't compatible with Kindles?

As ridiculous as it is, this formatting is a little bit better than the etextbook I rented directly from the cengage website. At least this doesn't have to be read through the browser so there isn't valuable screen real estate taken up by the address bar.

UPDATE: I can't even get it to work on my laptop because it doesn't work on the Kindle for Windows 8 app. To be fair, it does say that in the description. But it also says I could download the free Kindle for PC app to read it with and that app keeps not responding when I try to register it. My tech savvy friend is coming over tonight to try to make the Kindle for PC app work, and if he can't then I guess I'm calling customer service. This is so much effort just to make a textbook workable! Maybe I should try to return it and rent it directly from the Cengage website...

UPDATE: I got it to work on my computer. I don't like the Kindle for PC app, but it works on a basic level, so I guess I can deal with it.
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