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Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2020
• Actually holds a gallon of water.
• Feels extremely sturdy with thick walls.
• The thickness of the bottle helps keep the liquid cool.
• Lanyard doesn't feel cheap and is well made. Attached by a thick metal loop with clasp. Easily attach your keys if you wanted. Good to grip to lift the bottle. The stitching is well secure and the clasp is really well made.
• Hinged Lid, on top, snaps locked into place on the screw on lid, and the rubber inside the cap, secures the fluid into the bottle.
• Mouth is wide enough to drink and chug if you want, but not so wide that you'll get a bath if you aren't careful.
• Markings are clear and don't show signs of wear, so should last a long time. It's also good to keep track and pace yourself all day. Meaaures in ml (3500), oz (140), and time (7am-7pm).
• BPA and DHEP free.
* Easy to disassemble and clean. Suggests to not use anything but water, but i've used gentle dish soap and thorough rinsing, and it's fine. Had a faint gross smell at first, but after a solid washing, smell is gone.

• If you don't get the screw on lid in just the right way, it leaks.
- Make sure when you screw the top on, you first turn it left to line up the threads, and then right to get on straight. (Righty tighty, lefty loosey)
• The handle is perfect for me, but i'm 7'2" and have big hands. Is uncomfortable and awkward for 60 year old woman.
- It's hefty, and durable, but might benefit from more grips or another handle to steady weaker humans.
• The plastic that the lanyard connects to, on the screw lid of the bottle, is very thin. I could see with regular stress, the plastic breaking.
- Needs to be double or triple the thickness to ensure it doesn't break.
• The "grip" around the bottle's screw on lid is textured slight, but is hard to grip normally, especially hard when wet. You catch your fingers on the clasp piece and the hindge for the top lid, which puts undue stress. If the hindge lid stops closing tight, the bottle loses it's most important use: to hold water without leaks.
- I would suggest extra textured rubber around the screw on lid. It would help normal handers and those of us that deal with poor grip, strength loss, and pain with arthritis.

It's a really well made, well designed bottle. It looks and feels durable, but i don't want to ruin my jug to test it's limits. It's fairly priced for how well it's made. Probably will buy another in the near future. Stay hydrated homies!
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