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Reviewed in the United States on November 14, 2017
Shadow Rise by Audrey Grey is book two in her Shadow Fall series. Shadow Rise picks right up where Shadow Fall leaves off. Maia has been captured by the Emperor and the Archduchess and is being held prisoner. She’s been labeled a traitor by both the Emperor and those that she fought side by side with before her capture. Prince Caspian holds her responsible for the death of his beloved sister, Ophelia, and his heart and mind are clouded by his anger. The Emperor and Archduchess are intent on two things: finding the Mercurian to destroy it and finding the rest of the rebels and destroying them so that the resistance will die down. Maia must find a way to escape the Archduchess and find a way to the Sim that Caspian showed her so that she can once again attempt to access the information that her father has hidden away. Finding the device to stop Pandora and save the people is paramount but it won’t be an easy task. At times the task will seem insurmountable but with help from those who never stopped believing in her and a few new friends it just might be accomplishable.
Shadow Rise, so much like Shadow Fall, is a dynamic power-punch combination of Hunger Games meets The Maze Runner series. This book hits the ground running and barely lets up the whole way through. Once again the author thrusts Maia into the hands of the Archduchess and Maia must find a way to escape. When an opportunity presents itself, she is successful but at the same time she is once again a prisoner but to a different group. She’s been branded a traitor but there’s more to it. The trials that she must face just keep coming. Danger constantly surrounds her. Now her friends are few and far between and her emotions are running high. If she doesn’t get them under control she could end up ruining and losing everything. With each step that she takes Maia will either come closer to success or defeat.
I enjoyed Shadow Fall but I enjoyed Shadow Rise even more. The story is fast paced and kept me engaged the entire way through. Maia is growing stronger as a character and I really like that. Before in Shadow Fall, she was still weak and the girl who was thrown into the pit. She always wanted to run and hide and wait for things to go away. Now she is becoming stronger and she’s becoming braver because she’s seen and dealt with so much. The author throws new unforeseen challenges at her and instead of running away Maia starts to take a stand and fight.
Be forewarned this book does end in another cliffhanger like the first book but it just makes me more eager for the next book in the series. This book also ramps up the romance a bit too. While in Shadow Fall we only got tastes of romance here and there, this book brings it in more and makes it more of the story. Each little taste will leave you craving more. The introduction of new characters adds to this story as each brings something unique and engaging.
I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to the next in the series. This is a series that I highly recommend. It’s intense, lots of drama, betrayal, romance and so much character growth. The author gives us backstory when it is needed and you’re kept interested throughout. This is one of those books that are hard to put down and a must read.
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