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Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2017
Jack goes home to visit his mom after his parents are involved in a car accident. What slowly unfolds in this well acted mystery is quite different from your standard horror/mystery. It's pretty twisted and bizarre. The acting is quite good all around and Rory Culikin delivers a great performance in the leading role. Thomas Dekker's direction keeps you drawn into the film waiting to see how it all plays out. Louis Hunter is particularly rousing in his role as Duncan.

Revenge, grief and dark family secrets make Jack Goes Home quite an interesting and unique Hybrid film. The story is about loss, homecoming and facing demons from the past. It focuses on Jack's emotional unrest. People cope in different ways, and Jack is teetering on the edge. His mind is reconciling a hurtful past and present through a filter of deep pain and psychological chaos occurring within him. It's about Jack's repression.

The story can be a bit disjointed and slow moving at times, but it kept me intrigued and held my interest throughout, and it all makes sense at the end. I'm glad to say it really wasn't as bad as the bad reviews made it out to be, but I understand that a film like this may not appeal to everyone. All in all, a pretty creepy mystery for those with a little patience willing to piece together the puzzle.
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