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Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2019
I wanted a wireless keyboard to use with my 11" MacBook Air, which I have plugged into my ultrawide monitor and mostly use when I'm not gaming on my PC, which is also plugged into the same monitor. I was already pretty familiar with this keyboard layout as I used a corded Apple keyboard daily at work for years, so I don't have too much trouble typing on it, though I'm not quite as accurate with it as I am with my Corsair K70 RGB mechanical keyboard. For those that are not familiar with this kind of Apple keyboard, the keys are pretty shallow, meaning there is not a whole lot of travel to the keys before you bottom out. This can possibly cause some finger fatigue if you are a heavy typer like I am, but I think I've just gotten used to it after having used an Apple keyboard for years. The keys themselves have a very nice clicky tactile feel to them, and I like the way they sound as well.

My only real issue with this keyboard is the arrow keys, which are laid out differently than they were on the Apple keyboard I used at work for years. I've been using this Magic Keyboard for two weeks now and I'm still having lots of trouble finding the up arrow key. Half the time I end up hitting the right Shift key instead. I believe the problem is due to the fact that the arrow keys are not the same size, with the left and right arrow keys being about twice the size of the up and down arrow keys. I believe they shrank down the up and down arrow keys to keep the board's overall size smaller, but I bet they could have shrunk the left and right arrow keys to match the up and down arrow keys and I would not be having these issues. This can be a problem for me when dealing with spreadsheets as I tend to use the arrow keys to navigate from cell to cell, although I don't use the arrow keys much aside from that.

Pairing was super easy, in fact I didn't read instructions or anything and the board was already paired with my MacBook Air before I even knew anything had happened. I think it just pairs automatically the first time you plug it in.

The battery life is really great. I mostly use my MacBook Air after work for checking email, web browsing, watching Netflix/Hulu/Plex etc., though I do also work from home on occasion. After two weeks of my type of usage, including a couple half-days' worth of working from home on it, the battery level is at 94% right now. At this rate, i will be going months in between charges.

I also really like the small size and light weight of this keyboard. It's small enough that I can fit it in the little laptop sleeve that I carry around my 11" MacBook Air in, which means I'll most likely be bringing this keyboard with me when I travel for work.

Overall, I am very happy with the keyboard. I did dock one star due to the issue with the arrow keys, but that's not a deal breaker for me by any means, just a nuisance which I may or may not become accustomed to. Aside from that, I would buy it again if I had to do it over.
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