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Reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2018
OK... first off what I wasn't really happy about. I just got my shipment yesterday the package came opened the seal tape the keeps the box closed was already cut. That was a little upsetting but I'll get over it. Another bad thing.. the media keys that are on my keyboard are not working. I'm sure its not the keyboard itself because when I first plugged it in they were working fine so it must be a program on my computer that is overlapping spotify and youtube... I just havent figured it out yet, and no its not google music on chrome browser. Lastly the app that comes with the Razer keyboard.. super laggy at first... but after I restarted my computer worked just fine... and was able to customize the colors to my liking.

OVERALL... the last keyboard I replaced the Huntsman with was the Razer Chroma Black Widow I had it for around 5 years .. and I have to say it is nothing like it!!.. The Huntsman blows that keyboard out of the water. This keyboard feels great sounds great and I am in LOVE with it. It is super smooth to type on and game on. I read one of the negative reviews for the keyboard after I purchased it saying "my fat fingers press down on the keyboard to hard and the stands collapse.!" haven't had that issue. Also the wrist cushion stays in place and is super comfy.

IF you are up in the air right now and can't decided wither or not to get the k95 or razer huntsman? Get the Huntsman you won't be disappointed
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