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Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2020
I read a few of the reviews. It's true that art is subjective; but if you're looking for fast paced, unrealistic action depicting life only found in a fantasy...well you're not going to find that here. instant gratification to be found. Instead, it's evenly paced and all the characters are fully developed, sorry. This Zig Zag depicts the lives of people living on the fringe. Sorry it didn't move those who haven't experienced the struggles of cancer. The reviewers have not come face to face with at-risk youth with no survival skills suffering at the hands of their own parents, mistreated and invisible to most. They never knew of employers who take advantage of staff who hold on to their jobs for dear life. It's a story about survival and loss. If you have lived enough to have known life at it's worst and it's best...maybe all you really need is some semblance of maturity, you will relate or feel empathy for the protagonist. I recommend Zig Zag.
1. John Leguizamo ALWAYS delivers. 2. The teen who portrays Zig Zag was amazing. 3. Props to the entire cast
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4.2 out of 5
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