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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2013
So why did I group these two separate books into the same report? Well two reasons actually.

First: They both have the same author
Second: These two books should really be one massive 700pg book in my opinion

OK so about the books:
On Killing: 416 pages of pure enjoyment that takes you from the civil war to current, and how we have overcome our willingness not to kill. On Combat: 403 pages of intriguing reality of what happens to us in combat and how to overcome it. How do you explain these books though. They take and condense so many aspects of what goes into both killing and combat and roll them into a book that helps you understand what happens to you in combat and why. But not only do these books outline these facts, they site studies that validate the information. They also spell out methods that can help you overcome the result, whether it be a man that is unable to pull the trigger in defense of his family, or a female veteran returning from theater with PTSD.

What most people will really get a kick out of is the training methods that the Col. talks about and how it can make you a more proficient warrior.

Both are geared toward the police officer and or individual warrior fighting for his country. Being a retired Marine I have even found some truths in these books that have in a way opened my eyes. They are long books but every sentence, quote, story, letter to the author and even poem hold content that I feel is very (for lack of a better term) strong.

Most books have a climatic point after which the books trials off a little bit and looses the reader. I will say up front these will keep your interest.

In this day in age the most interesting parts I found in both books is how media and Hollywood are affecting our children and molding them into the aggressive culture we see today. (I think the president would do well to see some of the research that Col. Grossman has compiled, and be using that to protect our children, rather than the unconstitutional attack on Americas second amendment that he is launching; if he truly believes in protecting our youth) Sorry for the rant.

If you get these books just for the training ideas and tips that he gives you than you have already made a great investment, and the rest will just be a huge added bonus. I highly suggest both books for anyone that believes in protecting their family, carries a sidearm with them, is either active duty military or police (LE) or just wants to learn about what makes the service member and or police officer "run toward the guns, when everyone else is running from them".

Both books highly recommended and well worth the $15.00 you might spend on the paperback versions on Amazon.
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