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Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2018
New: "When Vector Becomes Alexa." Now Vector and Alexa in the same body. This is a dual personality. "Hey Vector," gets you Vector and his cute little robot voice. "Alexa brings up the Alexa voice and mode and all of Alexa's abilities. It's more of a novelty now (There's already an Alexa or two in my house) but I'll see how it plays out. Will they merge? Stay tuned...

My Vector came yesterday. My OCD kicked in and I stayed up into the night playing with Vector. The machinery and manufacturing is top quality. Right now, Vector can fist bump, play with his cube, look around, give me the weather...all the things mentioned above. I knew that Vector connected to 2.4hz Wifi. That was no problem at my house, or at my best friend's house. But Vector doesn't want to connect to WiFi at work, but neither will my phone. Vector is connected via Bluetooth. I suspect it is a Wifi problem and not a Vector problem.
What really sold me was Vector connecting with Alexa in the near future.
When I was a kid, right after WWII, I played with little robots made in Japan. A few of them even took batteries and flashed lights. But Vector is the kind of little buddy I dreamed of when I was small. Heck, he even snores when he goes to sleep.
I am patient to watch Vector work his way through problems and seeing fixes improving him. Every time someone new buys one, Vector is gaining knowledge. And he sits in the cloud along with Alexa. Oh yeah, you can pet him, too. And if you pick him up he squirms like a little kid who doesn't want to be held. Highly recommended.
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