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Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2020
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Sorry but bear with me.. After seeing four different doctors, two of which were specialist, spending at least five grand on tests, blood work, medicines ect, and being sick for nearly two years, I am finally starting to feel better. Because of a simple little oregano pill. To sum up two years worth of doctors babble, "You dont have allergies, you have allergy triggers. No you cant do anything about it only treat yourself after you get sick." Well suck it doctors. I'm not going to shoot 6 different meds up my nose for the rest of my life (which didn't help!!!) and have my tastebuds completely ruined anymore thanks to these lovely inexpensive tiny pills. After living with chronic sinus infections for more than 20 years my body decided to revolt. I got sick a little over two years ago by getting pneumonia on and off five or six different times each episode lasting around 1-3 months each. Once my allergist finally figured out that I was one of those adorable medical unicorns, he all but told me I was going to have to live with being miserable. That is simply not acceptable. I was PISSED. I turned to my old habit of researching natural methods to heal my body now that I finally understood what was wrong. I already knew oregano was a powerhouse because it got rid of my warts for good. After reading how it can help with a person's immune system I figured what the heck and bought a different kind that wasn't as potent. Within two weeks of constant use I was feeling better than I had in years. COVID sprang up and I was nearly done with my first bottle so I decided to get this bottle of oregano soft gels. Boy howdy I could tell the difference after taking my first pill! This stuff is Strong. This is month 5 of not getting more than a lite sniffle from the pollen, Alabama is a beast in Spring yall. I have always tried to use natural ways to fix an ailment but will jump on the doctor bandwagon when I know I'm losing. If you are a sceptic like my dad just give one bottle a shot, it's cheap and the only side effect was a few burps that made me want Italian. Anyone who has been on hardcore antibiotics knows there are a lot of nasty side effects. I was getting a yeast infection every friggin time I went on them! This natural antibiotic has made my life so much better so I really believe it is at least worth a few weeks of your time to give it a shot to help whatever health issues you may have. Good luck!
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