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Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2017
First some housekeeping.
1. Unlike most potato chips, these are not gluten-free as it contains wheat starch. Something to keep in mind if you or someone you know how celiac disease
2. Unlike bagged potato chips that has air or nitrogen that helps the chips from becoming crumbs during transit; these come in small tubes which doesn't protect the chips all that well. Depending on the care of your delivery person, you may get 5-10%+ crumbs per tube.

Pringles are much less greasy than other potato chip brands which is great as you easily wipe the powder/grease from your hands without having to lick your fingers or use water. If you hold objects or type on your keyboard right after without cleaning, it will leave behind some residue, but not as much as regular chips

Chips are very organized despite the crumb factor as they are stacked. And very easy to tell how much you're eating as with chips you tend to over indulge without realizing

More easily re-sealable than their potato chip bag counterpart. No need for a bag clip or rubberband

Taste wise, it's very good as it's a nice mixture of flavor and texture.

The shape and curvature of the chips are very good. Conforms perfectly to your tongue and jaw line when eating. All chips (except for the broken ones) are the same size making for a uniform snacking experience.

Very good snack item to pack in your child's lunch. Just make sure it's packed tightly between with other items if your child like to toss their lunch bag around to avoid chip crumbs

Overall I say aside from the crumb factor/how much you trust your delivery person, this may be a good purchase for you
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