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Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2018
Why do people love their Apple Watches? It's just a watch, for pete's sake! But if you have one you know right away. There's a small miracle that happens in a busy life when you can answer your phone (er, watch?) with your hands full. Or just glancing down to see the text message you just got. Or even completing those freaking rings (don't know? of you will). There's very little bad I can say after having my Series 2 for the last couple of years. I'm happy to get the 3 to have the always-on feature of cellular. I can leave the house and it's not even a problem if I left my phone. Or go for a walk without having a heavy phone in my pocket. It's not even about style, there's just a huge practicality of having a small device attached to your wrist that makes so many problems go away. Here are the positives:

• Excellent watch. Like, as a watch.
• Receive calls. Make calls.
• Receive text messages. Facebook, Twitter, IG, and more.
• Interchangeable bands. Fit the look you want, change on a dime.
• Siri
• Alarms, notes and all the other little apps.
• Fitness tracking

Really, I don't have any cons. I know people think a smart phone in your back pocket is the top, but this just changes the game. I don't know a single person who ever got an Apple Watch and didn't like it. And the funny thing is you'll never know unless you get one - Because how it changes what you do is the thing that makes it amazing. It's all those small little ways that make for a stupidly brilliant product.

Seriously, you, your wife, your boyfriend - It make a perfect gift.
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