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Reviewed in the United States on March 21, 2019
About 10 years back, my dentist was telling me that I had unhealthy gums. So in 2011, I got the cordless model of the Waterpik line of products. I noticed that if I used it after brushing and flossing, it would still get some food particles out. And when first I started using it, my gums would bleed. After a week or so, the bleeding stopped. The next time that I went to the dentist for a tooth cleaning, the hygienist remarked on how pink and healthy my gums looked. That kind of evaluation has continued through today.

The 2011 cordless model had problems, however. The electrical contacts in the charging cord would corrode in the moist bathroom environment. The cord didn't always make contact and so the battery didn't always charge.

So, I got this countertop model in early 2018. I like it better than the cordless. Never needs recharging and it can make higher pressure water.

I use it more than once a day now. I'm a bit of a coffee connoisseur and I like to cleanse my palette before the morning coffee. So I do a quick rinse with this Waterpik first thing in the morning. Then I use it after breakfast and after dinner.
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