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Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2018
I had a Sony receiver with the Polk RM6750 compact speakers and subwoofer which sounded great but I’ve been looking for a soundbar for a few years now for simplicity and visual appeal. I purchased a Sony HT-ST5000 shortly after its release and ended up returning it a couple days later. The dialogue was particularly awful and the lack of surround channels really made it flat sounding.

I was originally disappointed that Sonos released a small soundbar instead of a “playbar 2” but decided to try out the Beam with Sub and two One’s after many 3rd party review sites ranked the Beam especially high.

It sounds excellent. Together, it sounds just as good and even better than my previous wired system. Movies and music both shine on this. The Beam itself sounds full and produces a wide sound stage although it’s important to note that it produces little bass so I would not use the Beam by itself unless its on a secondary TV in a very small room. Add the One’s and you get much better bass. Add the sub and you get rumbling thunder. If you can only get one, I’d say get the two One’s so you also get the surround. Note: I’m using the system primarily in a 10x12 ft living room but it will easily fill my 700 sqft apartment with music. Dialogue in movies is always very clear and sounds full. I do not use the dialogue enhancer either - no need for it. Night mode works well but I’ll probably never use that.

Alexa works well. The microphones can hear me speak in a low tone from 20 ft away in my kitchen around around a corner which was surprising.

Big fan of the app. You can adjust all of the speaker levels or turn on enhancements there. You can play iPad music through it. I just wish you could ask Alexa to play XYZ from the iPad like you can with the other music services. You first have to start playing from the iPad in the app and then you can tell Alexa to pause/play or skip the song.

I think I’ve been experiencing some audio delay with XBox One X Blu Rays only... I think because its very slight and only noticed in a C movie and then a movie primarily with CGI so I can’t trust either one. But there is no delay when streaming from apps on the XBox, apps from my TV or my FIOS cable box. The Xbox and cable box are both routed separately through my x900e then HDMI to the Beam. Need some more Netflix DVDs to come in to further test that.

Its nice being able to adjust the volume of the system using Alexa or your TV remote.

All in all - loving the system. Was thinking I’d replace the Beam when Sonos does release a playbar 2 in the following years but there’s really no need. I’m very happy with it. I’d suggest it if you can get it along with two Ones, the sub or most definitely both - alone though, it lacks bass needed for movies and music.

Update: 7-31 - I watched another Blu ray on the xbox and there wasn’t a perceivable audio delay on that one...

Update: 8-29 - Experienced more audio delay on Blurays through the XBox. Bought a new Bluray player - no audio delay so far. I'm wondering if it was only DTS movies that the Xbox had to convert to Dolby. No converter on the new player tho.
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