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Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2020
Bought these for my older sister to make her stay at home “dorm room” a little more fun. Setup was surprisingly easy. The adhesive as very sticky, so I didn’t need to worry about sections falling off as I was putting the strip up. I bought the 50ft not waterproof kit (as they are indoors) but always measure what you are planning to stick them to, and choose length beforehand. Better to get extra then not enough as you can cut the end off the strip, and it will still work. Upon plugging them in, the brightness and colors are great, the only color that could use a touch up is the white, as it has a bluish tinge to it. But still looks very good. Now for the remote control. I would really like to see more effects, as there is only really color fade and strobe. Also might be nice to make it controllable via mobile device, I’d be willing to pay 5 bucks more for that feature. My main criticism for this product is the chord length. If your outlet is the standard height close to the floor, good luck getting the lights to the ceiling without straining them down the wall, as the cord is just simply not long enough (may be enough for some). Not to mention that there is a massive black block halfway through the cord that is about 2 x 4 x 1 inches. And if you’re mounting the lights high, it will just dangle and messes up the aesthetic. Though I was able to hide it behind a dresser/mirror and support it behind. Ideally, you would make the cord going to the brick shorter, and make the part coming out to the lights longer. So that the block can be resting on the floor, and the cord goes up from there. Even if your fine with a dangling block, the weight of it may pull the lights off of the wall after a while, or take the cord out of the white led plug thing. But if you can find a way to hide this and support it (you could even do this with some duct tape or something, extension cord also works) these lights look great. I give this product a 4.5 for price. A 4.5 for led quality. and a 3 for controller and cable management. Overall, I give this product a 4, as if you support the block, these lights are easy to setup, include everything you need to make the lights function, come at a great price, and the lights themselves look fantastic.
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