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Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2017
- little to no dust (no dust so far, actually)
- no bad smells
- (personal opinion) subtle, light fresh scent

- I'll update if I find any.

I didn't know cat litter could be this easy and effective. I got a cat recently (first cat ever) and after a ridiculous amount of research, I passed this stuff up and went with Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter. That stuff is great, too, don't get me wrong. But this is better imo. I noticed the Dr. Elsey's tracked a decent amount, even with a litter mat, but I didn't know any better. There was also that special litter box smell (faint because Dr. Elsey's does a decent job, but still noticeable). Since I keep mine in my bedroom, that wasn't ideal. When my kitty would use the box and cover her stuff, I could smell and feel the dust in the air, though it was supposed to be low to no dust. I thought I had to live with all that.

NOPE. On a whim I tried this because so many people were raving about how little it smells. It has a faint, fresh scent to it that I can only smell when I'm pouring or scooping it. Those of you highly sensitive to smells may not like this, but I'd still encourage you to at least try it. It's a pretty faint/light smell. When I poured it for the first time, I expected there to be a cloud of dust, but there was none. Literally none. I don't have asthma so there's that, but I am usually pretty sensitive to dust and particles in the air and this didn't bother me at all. When kitty uses the box and digs, nothing permeates the room--dust or smell.

Side note: it's also more of a sand consistency, which surprised me for some reason. The litter I used before had larger granules and was 'chunkier.' I like this better because it's easier/less messy to scoop. The other stuff wasn't messy or hard to scoop per se, but just more so than this is.
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