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Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2011
These pens have been a personal favorite for me for the last few years. I discovered them during my freshman year of college, and I was so excited when I found them at Walmart in a 36 pen box. When I was cruising Amazon last week and discovered that the greatness that is this pen could be mine for so cheap, I practically threw a parade.

If I could high-five these pens, I would. I bought two boxes, so that means I have 120 pens all to myself. Being an education major, I fully intend that most of these pens will go missing in the most ridiculous of places. Will I lose one on the bus? Or will I leave it with the cashier at Target? The joy of the cheapness of these pens is that the future is now mine to find out!

Now, for serious: this is painfully cheap for these pens. They're definitely my favorite pens, and one box will probably get me through my senior year into student teaching and probably when I have my own classroom and need pens for some writing project. I have paid more for these pens, and I do so gladly. They write cleanly, and they don't give out on you until the ink does. Unless I personally damage the pen (which is hard, because the plastic is great quality), it works well always. The ink takes a while to run out (I believe I have a pen that lasted me for everyday writing all year), and they don't look cheap, if you care about that kind of thing. I'm the pen girl in my classes because of these pens.
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