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Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2018
Other emergency food providers sell products that are a sad imitation of Mountain House products. While others have either assorted meat "flavors" in their products or soy flavored impersonations of meats in their rations, Mountain House has real meat products! Which is why, if you did a side by side taste test, they miserably loose! And what's more amazing is that the products from M.H. last 30+ years under the right circumstances, the others can only give you 5-10 years at most!

My family and I did side by side comparisons of Mountain House vs. Wise Company products and M.H. won every test. There are products that only Wise sells that M.H. doesn't offer but when it comes to their food products, Wise doesn't match. They ( Wise Co. ) use soy products and flavorings. Mountain House does not. We tested a box of 5 day rations that we had kept in storage for 5 years because the box got wet when our basement flooded. The M.H. products are in waterproof, recloseable bags that are great for camping. Wise products we purchased did not, but they are air and water tight also. We had to use a metal clip to close the bag to allow the hot water to steep.

Mountain House has such a much bigger variety of food products to pick from as well. Wise has a limited line of food products in comparison. Wise offers freeze dried fruits & vegetables that I haven't found with M.H., but the amount of product versus the cost just isn't worth it. And their are plenty of YouTube videos that compare these products as well. It comes down to taste and for us at least, we prefer Mountain House. But we would give Wise a 3.5 star rating for it's foods.

Remember to use boiling water to rehydrate this product and wait at least 10 minutes before you eat it, too soon and you will have partially hydrated product and it worse than eating overly al dente pasta. Keep it covered to get the moisture in. If you put too much boiling water it will look like soup, too little and it will be like paste. The directions are good but sometimes variables in the climate you are in can cause this not to come out correct so use your judgement. After about 5 minutes, you should be able to see if you need more hot water.

I hope this helps.
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