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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2019
My daughter loves this author and we've re-read the Wishtree a few different times. This book is a bit mixed and I'm not sure the author or editor ever really settled on a voice or perspective that is consistent enough for me. On the one hand, the creatures and the story structure is ripe for the 8-12 set yet the violence and the unnecessarily dense vocabulary are for the older end 12-13yo.

I am reading this aloud and the violence toward the end of the book was so violent in its description that I actually skipped over text. I think the violence is just unnecessary.

I'm reading this book aloud for the sheer joy of reading aloud to my daughter. The book is very descriptive and has some descriptions that I see as "extra" and don't really add to the story. The language, too, can be overly complicated. For example, the author uses "livery" for uniform and there are words that I, an adult reader, have to think about and then stop to explain - words such as a prehensile, crenellated, filigreed, ziggurat, promontory etc. I really enjoy the author using challenging words, descriptions in the rich text such as furtive or undulating or inestimable. But I think it goes too far to the point that it gets in the way of enjoying the book.
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