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Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2013
Number 6 in the chronological order of the Mitch Rapp series, Executive Power, was another good read from author Vince Flynn. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the previous 5 Mitch Rapp books, however, this story was somewhat slower than the others. Since Mitch's cover was blown in the previous book, Separation of Powers, Flynn sends Mitch's character in another direction. It appears that Mitch's life is now more administrative and husbandly that ever before. He is desperately trying to leave his life of killing behind for a more normal life. He struggles with his wife's persistence that he completely detaches himself from his past. This becomes a serious problem. (He really needs to put her in her place. She can be a real b!#$h sometimes.) There was a lot more political twists and turns in this novel instead of the typical dark, quiet, incredibley descriptive assassinations that Mitch is so great at. That being said, Mitch still comes through as a great American hero, in the fact that he can only take so much of the office life before he just has to get involved.

I still liked this book very much, however, I can only hope that Mitch plays more of the assassin role in the rest of the series.
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