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Reviewed in the United States on September 17, 2016
I got interested in 360 photos when I started seeing them on Facebook, and when I saw some of my Samsung Snapshooter friends having the Samsung device to play around with and try. I was interested in what options I had as an iOS user, and I found this one to be the best price and most attractive. I pre-ordered this one.

The first few days I was a bit frustrated because it took me a bit to figure out some of the software-- for example-- how to export the shot in the format that I could upload to Facebook as a 360. And realizing that Facebook only lets you upload one at a time, and if you try to do more than that, they'll upload as distorted flat photos... but I digress.

As far as build quality goes, this feels as well made as an Apple or Samsung product. It charges quickly, but I did struggle in the beginning with remembering what the status light colors meant, especially because it can be used with the i Device connected, or separately. Blue light, blue flashing, green light, green flashing. All mean different things. This was also a bit of confusion and frustration and I somehow ended up killing the battery a few times by apparently leaving it on.

The photos that it takes are really really good. I wouldn't consider them iPhone panorama quality, but it is taking a warped wide angle 360 photo and stitching it into something you can navigate without any jags or "uncanny valley" issues. It does this very well, and does the stitching in the device. No need for any stitching in a PC or phone app.

The phone app is reliable and never crashes, but has some UI room for improvement. For example, the camera plugs in to the bottom of your device where the lightning port is, so of course you use the device upside down, so the camera lenses face upward. So the app displays in "upside down" mode. But after you've taken 50 pictures (or whatever) and you want to use the app alone, without the camera, it's a pain to have to turn the phone upside down, export a photo for what's app, as an example, then turn the phone upright again to send it. They could improve on that point.

The app does have some light photo editing opportunities, but I've found very rarely did I want or need to do that.

Right now, Facebook is the main place I can host these photos. The other option is to share them to the website of the company who made the camera, and they give you a shareable URL that allows you to view the 360 video in a browser. It works well, but as of today you can't go to that site and delete them, manage them, mass share several at once, etc. I read that this is coming, and necessary.

If you're looking to explore the 360 world, this is a great place to start if you're in the iOS / iPhone world. My last trip to Vegas got shared in a whole new way because of this camera, and I'm very excited to do this for more places!

The only drawback I had is that I found it a bit difficult to hide myself from the photos. Facebook is pretty good about cropping off the bottom center where you stand, but in a lot of photos I was finding myself making silly faces trying to avoid being in the photo. It would be nice if we could custom choose the bottom boundary, or custom choose what it uses to cover up the bottom center pole of the photo-- or adjust the size of that to hide the photographer.

Otherwise, very pleased! In the beginning I had a couple times where the unit got really hot and killed the battery. I think it was because of me turning it on/off then plugging it in, or basically not plugging & powering in the right order. I haven't had that happen again since then, but I'll keep a watch for it.

I travel a TON for work, but if you have questions feel free to post them below and I'll do my best to get back to you with an answer from my experiences.
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