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Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2018
All six books, all three core, all three bad game supplements are on sale right now for about 20 bucks each on amazon this month, absolutely worth the price of admission!

Now you could, like I, solely use apps like Fantasy Grounds (Steam client) and or free PDFs, But nothing replaces the feeling and ease of use of having physical copies of each guide in hand. Plus as a fun bonus they looks stunning in my bookshelf. Make you look even more professional as a DM in person. Lastly, all six together give you an extreme launching pad for designing, running and modifying premade or homemade campaigns!

For 20 a pop, what is normally a $300 purchase turns into a $120 steal, never will you ever get a better deal on these books brand new.

My only regret was getting the one book I did have before this sale but ce n'est pas grave.

Now onto the book itself, arguably the second most important core book. You see... I didn’t realize when I first went looking for which books to get that the Players Handbook is the single most important first purchase. So instead, wanting to DM, I bought the corespondent book. Makes sense on the surface until you realize what the Dungeon Master Guide vs the Player’s Handbook do. The DMG only lays out how campaigns work, chart after chart of rollable ideas (with dice, of course!) for what your campaign will and could become. But what it does not do, is actually teach you the core rule set of how to play the game. Only the Player’s Handbook does that. So, with literally 15+ campaign idea books out there (this is beyond the three core and the three core supplement books as seen above) you only really need the Player’s Handbook, a campaign guide (one you made yourself, got from someone else or bought partially premade) and finally the Monster Manual!

Here not only do you get the base games 150 premade creatures and beasties, but suggestions on rating levels of your parties composition so that you don’t make fights too hard or too easy based on what your trying to actually do here.

My favorite part though is all the lore on species types or curses and so on, plus a detailed breakdown of each one, their abilities and in places suggestion on how to play them. It is a mighty book that lives up to its name!
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