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Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2020
Ever since I read Shari J Ryan's "Last Words", I have been fairly obsessed with WWII era novels. Both of my parents were born during WWII and grew up feeling the after-effects of the war in China & Europe... Anyway, this was a bittersweet tale of lost & forbidden love- a US Jewish Dentist overseas as a field doctor, and he ends up meeting a German Resister and this turns into a love affair that can't be forgotten 60 some odd years later as the dentist, faces his own mortality.

Told from (the dentist) Max's POV during WWII, Johanna's POV in WWII (his love interest's sister), and Beth's (present-day/Max's daughter) POV, all using 1st person POV. It sounds like it could get confusing, but the author did a nice job of developing clear voices and traits for her three main characters.

Was there anything "special" about this novel that makes it "stand out"? No, sorry, but- no. I wasn't moved or invested, but I would read a novel about WWII over almost any other, any day. And this one was written well. I liked the story, but I REALLY liked the writing style-more. I guess for a historical novel, based in that time period, I expected more pain/suffering & the ultimate overcoming of adversity that's familiar to that type of novel; and I think the 3 storytellers actually detracted from what could have been an engrossing tale.

This was an interesting read and approach to telling the story of a character who's own voice you never really get to hear. For the artistry alone, I would recommend it but stay till the end because it does have a lovely conclusion.
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