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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2016
ill try to not repeat what others have said but a few points will be covered,first off the game is NOT for impatient players. if you just run around the alien will find you and bite your head off (literally) the key here is to crouch and move slowly and quietly and even then some times it just knows your there, yet other times i can be right in front of the thing and backing away as fast as i can and it just ignores me.
ok so the graphics as others have mentioned are wonderfully breathtaking (im on ps3 so i can only imagine what ps4 must look like!)
i have not beaten the game yet but so far this game is wonderful a far tastier treat to alien fans than colonial marines was ( or so i hear ill judge after playing acm ) but my god the sound design
everything i hear in game is from the original movie all the machinery sounds , the alien sounds (it hasnt hissed yet but it has'nt made that weird screech from alien infestation either) even the dlc from the alien movie and some audio logs found in game feature voices of the original actors tom skerrit (dallas) yaphet kotto( parker ) sigourney weaver (ripley ) and veronica cartwright (lambert) ash is in the dlc as well but im told it isnt ian holm but i cant tell the difference. the ai works very well for the most part i haven't seen the alien do anything weird yet aside from the afore mentioned things. as for glitches theres a bug in mission 5 where a character i met refused to talk to me as scripted forcing me to restart the mission and redo a little bit of the game in order to progress. the voice acting as mentioned before has its weird moments but so far its seems pretty solid, not resident evil 1 bad at least. the story is very interesting exploring the character of amanda ripley searching for her missing mother. the game play is good having to hide from the alien is very intense though personally i found it too relentless, im not exaggerating when i say as soon as the alien is gone i step out of the locker just to hear it come back and get back in ...and repeat this scenario for like 45 minutes until the alien finally leaves along enough for me to make it to a new hiding spot where it continues. (and im playing on the lowest difficulty) and sometimes the alien leaves you alone for long stretches of time. and then some times theres humans with guns or working joe androids that will pester you and at one point all 3 to deal with. despite the tediousness of some sections i think hardcore alien lovers will love this game and recommend you play it. fans of stealth games might also like the game but casual players, know this: this game is pretty challenging even on easy so be warned. update: ok i thought i would share a few thoughts after beating the game. this game is still awesome. despite months of this i already want to replay it there was one section that i found infuriatingly unfair where you have t osneak through an area where working joes are wearing hazmat suits that nullify your emps and and stun prod. even worse before this you are forced to leave your guns behind at a security check point! but that just added tension.the climax and ending were exciting though i understand what people meant about the ending. it isnt bad just abrupt if you love aliens buy this game! :D
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