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Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2015
Summary: About a boy named Keith who stayed in the motel room, where a mouse named Ralph lived. Keith brings some toy cars including a motorcycle, and while he is gone Ralph climbs up the telephone cord and tries to ride the motorcycle. However, he did not know how to start it. He pushed the ground with his feet and rode it around the bedspread and used his heels for brakes. Then, the telephone gave a loud ring, and startled, Ralph forgot to use his heels and fell into the wastebasket. Then, at night, Keith looked inside the basket and was surprised to find a mouse. They spoke the same language, which was no surprise because they both shared a love for motorcycles. Keith showed Ralph how to start the motorcycle, and even provided Ralph's family with food from the kitchen. One night, Keith feels sick, and his parents try to find aspirin. When they can't find it anyplace, Ralph decides to find it for him. There is a thrilling adventure ahead for the mouse, and will Ralph get the tablet on time? Read the story to find out. It has a naturally flowing plot. Got me really into it. Deserves an applause. Genre: Realistic Fiction
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4.8 out of 5
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