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Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2019
This cell phone adapter for tripod mounting has two major components: the phone clamp and an L shaped bracket for attachment to the tripod. The clamp can be rotated from landscape to portrait mode by loosening a screw at the back of the L-bracket. I thought that the top of the L-bracket was too flexible for optimal stability. Moreover, if an iPhone X is clamped in the middle of the phone, there isn't enough clearance to rotate from landscape to portrait configuration. This can be fixed by clamping the phone near to one end. Only later did I discover that the bottom of the clamp also has a threaded brass fitting allowing the clamp to be mounted directly to the tripod without use of the L-bracket. This gives a nice, firm coupling. If your tripod ball-head has a groove on one side, you can easily flip from landscape to portrait using the ball-head adjustment. Some lightweight compact cell-phone tripods do not have heads that allow the ninety degree rotation, and with those you will need to use the L-bracket supplied as an integral part of this adapter. The jaws of the clamp have rubber cushions, and they can be adjusted to accommodate more width than the iPhone X. I am completely satisfied with direct mounting of the clamp to the tripod. Note that the manufacturer also makes another (possibly sturdier?) clamp without the L-bracket.
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