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Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2014
I am a user of all the froglube products but there are a lot of misconceptions out here. First, this product is not so much a solvent and is somewhat misleading being named as such. Now I'm sure it will dissolve carbon but it will not dissolve oil or grease. Instead, it causes it to clump together into kinda of a white goop that you can wipe off assuming you can reach it. A solvent, like brake cleaner or mineral spirits will actually dissolve oils and greases. Cleaning a gun from the factory that has been soaked in oil is much more effectively accomplished by mineral spirits or your other favorite true solvent. If you use froglube solvent remover on a oily or greasy gun, plan on using a lot of paper towels and recognize a toothbrush and lots of small picks will be necessary.
This product shines once that is done and you have started using the froglube regime of other products to lubricate and protect you guns. It removes froglube and carbon fouling in a very satisfactory way.
My recomendation for the initial cleaning before starting the froglube regime is to take you favorite true solvent and scrub the gun down. Then blow it off with an air compressor. Heat your gun to about 100 degree with a heat gun and apply froglube lubricant. The next time you clean your gun, this solvent will work great.
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