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Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2019
What do you say about a book that makes you laugh, kicks your behind, then gets you to start tidying up?
Armed with my book and my first cup of coffee of the day, I began to read and was immediately drawn in. Yes, she uses the F bomb a lot, but for the most part, people do talk like that when they really want to get something across to you.

Not finishing my coffee, I began to clean and clear off my telephone stand that was clutter-y and dusty, and with a basket of power cords that I don't even use, but just had to keep for no good reason. The cords are still there only so I can find the other basket of cords to combine both and pick out the ones that go to something that I no longer use! (I did not intentionally copy Messie on this cord issue. I guess she influenced my thinking and made me realize how absurd we can be with our clutter).

I have been trying to de-clutter for sometime now, working very slowly, but it always helps when you have someone to kick you in the butt, and give you a different perspective along your journey. Messie Condo does just that! Bravo!
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