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Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2015
I dipped into the book with a particular concentration on the modern era. I confess my knowledge of the Korean conflict has always been sketchy, mostly involving the resentments of veterans who in the aftermath of Vietnam felt forgotten and the pain in the Korean-American community over the long separation of their nation and their families. This portrait of Matthew Ridgeway helped paint the geopolitical context, as well as contributing to the thesis of the book. In turn, the book's thesis that these heroic leaders not only rescue a cause that seems to have been lost, but reshape the very nature of the conduct of war in some significant way going forward, suggests that the role of David Petraeus in leading the surge in Iraq may be far more consequential than is immediately apparent. Of course, as the author acknowledges, it is too early to make that judgment with any certainty. But it is interesting to note that his precipitous fall from grace is actually entirely consistent with the pattern of the savior general.
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