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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2018
Forget 8 sheet... it has been jamming with 4 or 5... and will not take an unopened prepaid credit card offer, which in my opinion should be the standard.
Largely 2 stars because once this thing gets jammed... it is almost impossible to unjam because of the plastic silver/white cover over the shred blades put there for your protection.... I had 5 pieces of paper end up getting pulled crooked and it jammed. The fragment of paper that caused the jam was positioned so you can't get to it from the top or the bottom, and the unit immediately refuses to operate, the "Overheat" light comes on which isn't really an overheat.. just means it has detected a jam and refuses to try to power through it because it might overheat. The only way to get to the blades to actually clear the jam would be to void the warranty by removing the last screw to open the top unit up.
My suggestion is to skip a shredder... just throw it all on the Webber... fire never jams.
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