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Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2019
Playstation VR is a decent product and especially when it is discounted, it is the lowest price way to get into VR. It fills that niche nicely. It's kind of amazing going from no VR experience or something like Google Cardboard to this but if you are coming from the HTC Vive or similar higher end headsets there are trade-offs made. You get less of the screen door effect but this is a lower resolution rendering and grain is more apparent. I'd recommend it as a VR experience but I am also excited to see a future product with improved resolution and clarity.

The motion controllers work but they are prone to interference and feel very dated compared to the other Playstation 4 hardware and the headset. They mostly work quite well but I found it really depended on lighting and camera placement to get a reliable experience.

As for the games included in this bundle, I'd recommend a different bundle. Blood + Truth has required multiple restarts to continue due to game breaking bugs, which really does not help with the immersion. I've only played about an hour but I spent most of that time closing the application and redoing things in order to continue. Maybe with some bug fixes would be fun but it's too buggy to really play as of the 1.03 update.

Everybody's Golf is fine and plays relatively well but I think it's held back by the limited precision of the decade old motion controller design. Calibration is frequent or things begin to feel lopsided and shots become disorienting. If you like golf you'll probably like it but as a non-golf-interested player I enjoyed a few courses and then haven't felt like returning.
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