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Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2015
There is more shopping in this book than romance. Keeley is an interior decorated who catches her fiancé ' AJ' screwing her best friend minutes before her wedding. She throws a complete hissy fit, hence the title. While she is running away she meets Will. He just bought the towns run down bra factory. He asks Keeley to redecorate an old run down mansion that he he wants to fix up for the purpose of getting a woman ' who he has never formally met' to marry him. Will thinks this great mansion will get this woman to marry him and stay in this small town living happily ever after. I found this ridiculous.
Flowing throughout this story we learn that Keeley 's mother ran away when Keeley was young with a man whom she was having an affair with. All through the book she is trying to find out where her mother is.
The problem for me is that the book seemed all over the place, there was the revival of the bra factory, her mothers disappearance, her shopping sprees for the mansion that went on and on, Will wooing the woman he wanted. In all of this you hardly feel any great relationship forming between Keeley and Will. They kiss once in the beginning and then don't get together until the last 3 pages or so of the book.
The book focuses the most on the shopping and Keeley's mother disappearing. The shopping is way to detailed and long. The mothers disappearance is interesting but predictable. I did like her writing style but the flow just wasn't there for me. And when we find out what happen to the mother nobody is ever held responsible. I found this ridiculous too. Not that after 25 years the law couldn't prosecute but that Keeley and her father didn't even try to get the police to investigate. Just wrapped it all up with no satisfaction.
Over all worth the read but not as a romance. Not a page turner. But I'll give this author another try.
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