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Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2017
I've been a Jack Reacher fan from the beginning and loved the early through middle of the series. I still buy and read each new book. There is always something to enjoy in them and, in large part, its just become tradition. This one has been hard for me to finish because every time I sit down with it I read one or two chapters and am not compelled to keep plowing through. For me, it is NOT because there is less "action" as some complain about. The action scenes in recent Reacher novels aren't what draws one in. In fact, they almost seem like cut-and-past jobs from past books (i.e. he's outside a dinner, finds himself surrounded by local punks, takes us through his thought process re how he's going to take them out despite them outnumbering him, he executes on that plan). My bigger critique (and its my critique of later period Lee Child as a whole) is that the author seems LAZY. Reacher used to make interesting, intelligent deductions. His thought process around whether or not he's being taken to a former murder scene in this book based on his thoughts around if bears could have been present there is sloppy and doesn't make much sense. Childs has a DEA agent who thinks that "100%" of opiods manufactured by legit drug companies have been stopped from entering the black market. That isn't... even a little believable. If Childs is researching his topics in order to provide legitimate detail, its hard to find much evidence of it. I'll still finish this one. I'll still come back to the next one. But its been a long time since this series has given me a real rush of adrenaline.
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