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Reviewed in the United States on May 9, 2018
Well, serves me right for not checking out the 2 star reviews first. Always - Always - Always look at the two star reviews before hitting purchase, folks! This thing is trash. Doesn't work with odd number of panels, as per other reviews. Plastic joint pieces break, as per other reviews. Included screws are garbage, as per other reviews. Shorter than pictures indicated, door doesn't securely latch, and a stiff wind will take it down fairly fast. It's wobbly, it's wonky, it's a waste of $80 - and I've got no one to blame except myself. Oh well! Lessons learned, I suppose.

Now, if you're here (like I was) looking for solutions? Try wrapping extra, unnecessary panels along walls. Try to prevent it from accordion-ing as best you can, you'll probably have to just make due wherever the wall anchors line up and adjust your entire living room around because of it. Adhesive backed velcro pads (one on the door face, one on the panel it clicks into) may hold it there with a little more security. And you're going to want to pick up a five dollar box of drywall screws from Home Depot or Ace or somewhere. Even better - molly anchors.

I mean, I can get down and dirty with some steel brackets blasted into the hardwood floors to anchor the panels, but the missus about lost her top with that idea. Your mileage may vary on that one.

And have some solace in knowing that you aren't the only one duped by suspiciously high amounts of five star reviews and a blinding sense of trust. There's a lot of us taking bites out of this sandwich, you're not alone.

Best of luck!
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