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Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2019
I like everything about this phone. I came from Galaxy note 5. Two issues that concern me....
1 has no 5ghz wifi radio
2 the 2.4ghz radio seems to be throttled down to Apprx 4 Mbps.

my ookla speedtest confirmed 3 note 5 on same home wifi 2.4 GHz tested 3 times around 72Mbps. My mobile carrier data speed on both phones 4g LTE tested at around 25Mbps. I pay for up to 75 Mbps download speed with my ISP. So just be aware of this with these Blu models....that explains why some folks are having connection issues on their wifi...if they use 5ghz wifi won't connect cuz it doesn't have a 5ghz radio....when connected to 2.4ghz wifi... it's severely throttled back....I have the vivo X5 model

Update 10-20-19.... I found out that I was being throttled by the phone's settings. I had to select "unmetered" in wifi settings and my speed went up to 20Mbps....:) adding 1 more star to rating.
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