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Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2016
When Mega Man Anniversary Collection came out in 2004, it was a stupidly-awesome deal. 10 games, two of which were previously unreleased, for 40 bucks? You kidding me? 12 years later, however, one might confuse this with the just-released Mega Man Legacy Collection. While I'll buy anything with that goofy robot mug on the cover, the Legacy Collection actually features much less content, for the price of a modern game.

If you're unfamiliar with Mega Man in general, and you've still got a ps2/xbox/gamecube kicking around, then the Anniversary Collection is a great and cheap way to get familiar with one of the most important video game franchises in the last 30 years. It features Mega Man 1-8, as well as two arcade beat-em-ups called Mega Man: The Power Battles 1 and 2. Any fool with an emulator can play most these games, so you're probably wondering, "What makes this package stand out?"

Features. A smorgasbord of wonderful features.

One can now save in any of the 8 main games, removing the need to memorize grid-based passwords. The password input menus are still there, making it possible to skip ahead if desired, but the ease and usability of the new save system cannot be overstated. Mega Man 1 is not quite the soul-crushing exercise of futility it used to be. It's a good thing.

Speaking of the older Mega Man titles, they've had their music redone for the collection. The remixes are not always better, but the option can be turned off in the main menu.

This collection also offers the two "Power Battle" games, which have never been playable on a home console before. They are a fun beat-em-ups, with multiple playable characters and big, dirty sprites that tug at my arcade nostalgia like nothing else. The two games essentially play like a "Boss-rush" mode, featuring plenty of Mega Man villains from across the series, and you can tackle the ladder of opponents with a friend, if you'd like, thanks to the inclusion of local multiplayer.

The final "feature" that makes this a worthwhile purchase would have to be the plethora of unlockables awaiting those who want to tackle all 8 main series games. Depending on which console you buy it for, you can unlock music, interviews, concept art, and even episodes of the Mega Man cartoon of old.

I would also remiss if I didn't mention the excellent Mega Man 7 and 8, which aren't included in the recent "Legacy Collection." Both were kind of shrugged-off in their day, possibly due to unrepentant badassery of the Mega Man X series, which was being steadily released by that point. Still, these games are fantastic, especially 8, which features a truly unique, if sometimes goofy, cast of robot masters. I first played MM8 when i was in grade school, and I still wake in cold sweats with the words "I'm Grenade Man!!!!!" echoing through my mind like a cacophony from Hell. Good stuff.

Seriously, if you haven't gotten the chance to play these games, especially the Nes-era ones, this is a great option. At 10$ for 10 games, how could you go wrong?

Hope this Helps!
-Terry Bop's Bright Side Gaming
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