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Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2019
Update of March 2020: I've had the phone for almost 6 months now, and I've used it in Germany and around London as well as the US. Still works great as I detail below. Super happy with this purchase.

Original review: I've had this phone for about two weeks now, and this is my family's 7th BLU phone. BLU phones are what they are: Inexpensive. And for the most part, inexpensive is what you get. I'm not going to tell you they all have been flawless. They have not. But my last BLU (STUDIO G3) also cost $79 and it lasted for 18 months, to include international travel. The only reason I'm upgrading is because with only 8GB of internal memory and only 1GB of RAM there are limits to what it can do, and the company for which I work wants me to load a big app on it for my job. So my old G3 still works great for light loads and as a family backup, but it is just bogging down on all the stuff on it now, so it no longer works for daily use. Which brings me to this new phone...and I'll keep it short for now and update later. All comparisons below are to my old G3 unless noted otherwise.

To start with, It was easy to set up out of the box. Simple to install my SIM and the included battery (no tools needed). Followed the on screen instructions and was using it within about 15 minutes.

The Good:
* It is as described in the specs, and so far it works perfectly with T-Mobile.
* The screen is larger (longer) than the G3 though they only slightly grew the physical dimensions of the phone. I like that there is more viewing space while the actual phone got only a little bigger.
* It takes about 90 minutes to fully charge, and it lasts about two full days the way I use it (lots of texts, some calls, about 30 mins a day as a hot spot, YouTube about 30 mins a day, surfing the net about 90 mins a day, email, no movies, no games).
* Much better cell phone signal strength than my Studio G3, so I think that means a better antenna.
* Cameras are much better (not best in class, though).
* Fingerprint reader is working well. I've been unable to spoof it with other fingers.
* Speaker can be turned up loud, but sound quality is nothing special.
* Connected quickly and works well with my Toorun Bluetooth headset.
* Headphone jack works as expected...have used it to take calls.

The Bad:
* The one I got looked pristine, and in the box were two screen protectors as other reviewers have noted. One hard, one flexible. I decided to put the hard protector on my new phone. As I prepared to do so I noticed the protective film was missing from one side. I thought I'd clean it carefully and try it anyway. But when I laid it on the phone to figure out how to line it up properly, it was clear it was the wrong screen protector. The cut out for the selfie camera was in the wrong place. So I gave up on that and decided to use the flimsy screen protector since that was all I had. But as I prepared to put it on, I saw that the phone already had a flimsy screen protector in place. So the good news is that I did not have to mess with putting it on (and it was put on nicely with no bubbles or other issues), but now I'm suspicious that the phone I got was a return or a refurb of some variety. BLU, if you are reading this, send me the proper hard screen protector and I'll note it here.
* Ear buds. They work. They are not very good.

The Weird:
* The back cover is stamped plastic to look like stitched leather. I think it looks stupid. With the included case on the phone it is almost impossible to discern any detail of the back cover, which is good.
* The phone comes with a clear, flexible phone case. It is not very attractive and I doubt it does much to protect the phone. But in addition to a $79 phone, I guess that is all you get for free.

In summary, it is a great phone at a heck of a low price. I don't know how BLU (or any other low-cost company) cranks out phones at these prices, but other than a few odd quirks noted above, I'm a happy customer (though I hope BLU will get me the proper hard screen protector).

I'll provide further updates as I travel internationally and otherwise stress test this one.
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