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Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2017
There's a lot of things I like about this keyboard. The battery is long lasting (at least two weeks), internal battery (no AAAs), great wireless connectivity over Linux and Windows (keystrokes arent missed when it "wakes up" from idle). I prefer the dongle wireless implementation to bluetooth, because in my experience it results in better wireless connectivity (never drops signal, no missed keystrokes, doesn't need to reconnect on startup / wake from sleep, etc.) I like the keyboard layout, as the function key provides access to keys I want to have but rarely use (like page up/down), without them needing to take up dedicated space on the keyboard. I also like the chiclet layout.

Only thing keeping this from a 5 is that fairly regularly I'll feel like I bottom out a key only to have it not register. I know it's not a wireless issue, because it never happens if I type harder. I generally don't pound the keys, so this happens more than I would like. Typing harder does solve this issue. If you type lightly, you may have some issues with this board (or maybe it's just mine). Overall though, a very nice product.
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