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Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2021
You know, at this time, I am REALLY exited for Steve the noob: A Whole new world 2, so, I already once mentioned my character for it. Although, now that I look at this book... It's sort of old and not-so quality made. But, when you look at all the books you have made, you have done some Awesome stuff. Well, if you never get to read my player for the next book, I can tell you in this review.

Name: RobbyPVP
Personality: Can be shy sometimes, and only gives to those who deserve
Strength: Archery and Brewery (can brew all basic potions)
Weakness: Heat (basically collapses when in the nether)
Netherite Armor (he finds it too heavy)
Skin: Look up "RobbyPVP" in a website called NameMC
Armor: Chainmail Leggings, Iron Chestplate and boots, and has a red leather helmet with Curse of Binding (can't take off)
Weapons: A Simple Iron sword, with an unbreakable flame bow he was gifted from a server admin
Possible Death: accidentally brewed the wrong potion and drank it
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4.5 out of 5
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