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Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2016
I am using this for a Blu-Ray collection. There are many out there that have used iterations of these for the intent of consolidating down their physical space while keeping the access of their discs handy, like me. In the course of a year, and thanks to great deals, I built up a massive TV show collection across DVD and Blu-Ray both, especially the latter. So I thought, "Maybe I should stow the boxes/cases and just put the discs in a binder". I read online and there's surely mixed reviews from people. Apparently, Blu-Ray discs are softer than CDs/DVDs. Enough pressure put on a disc can affect it, even if you put something textured against it. In this case, using big-capacity binders can 'pit' the undersides of the discs if the weight gets to be too much. This happens cause a lot of binders have those textured soft inserts that work to not scratch up the disc and keep it in place CAN harm it depending on the quality and make of said inserts. However there are technicalities in those statements.

This only happens when you keep the binder resting flat day and night over a long period of time. I've had a 64-count binder for years filled to the brim with Blu-Ray discs (granted this was a 32 page book with 2 discs a page versus 100 pages with 4 discs a page). But I never ran into problems then. So far, I have had this binder filled to the brim and I have not run into any playback problems yet with various discs over the past month. The trick is you have to stand it up. Put it on a bookshelf or lean it against something or stick it between two objects for a little ballast. The binder IS thick enough to stand on its own, and the added weight does help. The inserts are soft, strong, and don't feel cheap and hard. Even the pages themselves seem to slide smooth across one another (despite every page being filled, it's manageable). Doing it this way will ensure that all the weight in the pages goes a different direction, and will ensure the discs are put under a lot less stress. In other words, do it like a book (I) instead of like (--).

Anyway, the book is very sturdy, the nylon straps are strong, the pages are well made and even when full, it isn't as heavy as I thought it would be (even if you carry it with both hands, it is not unbearably weighty). It makes it just right for transporting around. Just keep in mind how it's transported and secured. Again, stand it up instead of laying it down. If you do that, and lay it down for a few minutes to flip through and debate what you want to watch, you'll be fine.

There are higher quality binders out there, but they cost more money and don't give you as many pages. I like this one a lot. What it comes down to is just taking great care of it, especially when you're trusting it with merchandise you paid good money for. I give it 5/5 stars. Take my advice to heart and you can make your obscene Blu-Ray collection work for you and get that space back.
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