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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2018
It took me a long time to decide to buy a referbished phone. I didn't really need one since my galaxy s3 still worked great. What made me do it is the worry that this would be my last chance to get a phone with a removable battery. I couldn't afford this phone when it first came out so this was a great option because of the lower cost. Plus it's only a little over a year old. But I was sincerely worried about a used, referbished product. I've never bought one before. So, once I decided to buy one, then I had to decide which company on Amazon was the best. I went with Red cell due to the positive reviews-no bad ones. But, there weren't many reviews. I went with it and bought from Redcell. What a great move. The phone came in perfect condition--no scratches, marks or fingerprints. It was like new out of the box. It came wrapped in the same plastic a new phone would. The charger and cord were genuine new LG cords. I really expected marks, scratches- something. How awesome is that? I got a new sim card, sd card, a got connected right away--which I thought would be a problem since I have a Verizon prepaid plan. But, all has been well. It's only been a week, but the phone is going strong. I have a new appreciation for referbished phones from Amazon. I hope all remains well. If not, my old Samsung galaxy s3 still runs. By the way, I had no problem adapting from samsung to lg like so many have had. I had more of an adjustment from old phone to new phone. I've got features I never had before. The battery is great and charges quickly. The camera is every bit as good as the reviews have said. The sound is wonderful too, although I'm not that much into listening to music. I love the second screen and find I do not need the app drawer that galaxies have (but you can put that in from your settings).
Long story short, I'm glad, so far, that I took a chance on this phone. Well worth the time and energy that it took me to decide to buy.
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